Greg’s Driving School:

A Supporter of PHHS PTSA


Perry Hall High School PTSA encourages safe driving and knows that students and their parents have a lot to consider when choosing a driver’s education program that is convenient and fits their needs. While our PTSA does not endorse, warrant or recommend one driver’s education provider over any others, we do receive a donation from Greg’s Driving School for every student who takes driver’s education classes from Greg’s Driving School at Perry Hall High School.

If you decide to choose Greg’s Driving School, we thank you! Funds donated by Greg’s Driving School  help the PTSA fund its objectives, which benefit all four grade levels, and the faculty. As a way to encourage student support of and membership in our organization, PHHS PTSA awards a $50 Amazon gift card to a student PTSA member in each class. Make sure your child is eligible for this drawing by joining the PTSA today!

In addition, and as a way of encouraging safe driving habits, the PTSA provides a free cell phone slip case to every student who enrolls in a Greg’s Driving School class at Perry Hall High School. The cases prevent your child from being bothered by cell phone calls and texts while driving and are met to help prevent distracted driving accidents so often associated with teen drivers.

To learn more about Greg’s Driving School, and view a complete schedule of Perry Hall High School classes , visit Greg’s Driving School’s website. 


To sign your child up for Perry Hall High School PTSA, visit our Membership page to download an application.


Upcoming Classes

The following classes are offered from 2:45 to 6 p.m. at Perry Hall High School

September 16 – 27, 2019

October 14 – 28, 2019

November 13 – 26, 2019

December 9 – 20, 2019

January 6 – 17, 2020

February 3 – 14, 2020

March 9 – 20, 2020

April 14 – 27, 2020

May 11 – 22, 2020


For for information and a schedule of classes planned for the summer, visit Greg’s Driving School’s website.