Volunteers are vital to the success of our PTSA. The good thing is at the high school level none of the volunteer opportunities are very time consuming. Most are once a year, some are seasonal, some involve one-time food donations, or small purchases.

Following is an overview of the type of help we need:

  • Our Arts & Crafts Fair requires staff to prepare things the day before and day of this big event.
  • Scholarship involves a few days of reading and grading essays.
  • Goodwill/Hospitality involves scooping ice cream a few times a year and helping with Staff Appreciation activities.
  • Golden Gators assembles student recognition packets for honor roll students at the close of the quarter.
  • After Prom requires volunteers one night a year to staff the event, and some coordination leading up to it.

All of our committees have chairs. We just need a reliable group of parents and grandparents to offer a few hours to help staff them. If you are interested and can help, please complete the following form. Thank you!

PTSA Help Form