Volunteering during a pandemic, needless to say, is a little different than what we are used to. Most of what our PTSA does at the start of this year will be online, by individuals, or small groups of people.

Our PTSA is run by volunteers. We will need help. If you would like to volunteer for our Scholarships Committee or our Used Clothing Drive Committee, we can use you! Otherwise, please sign up to serve on our Standby Committee. As we feel our way through this school year, we’ll keep you informed about opportunities to help as they present themselves.

Following is an overview of the mentioned committees and all of our PTSA committees that typically need volunteers. Hopefully, a few will become active and need staff in the second half of the year.

Feel free to e-mail the person listed for more information about a particular committee or convey your interest in helping by using our online volunteer sign up form. Your names will be shared with the committee chairs.

  • The Used Clothing Drive Committee is active one Saturday a month during the school year. Volunteers spend a few hours the morning of the second Saturday of every month collecting donated clothing and household items in the student parking lot, then drive them to the PTSA’s storage facility in Perry Hall. The committee chairs, Maggie and Wendy, are looking for volunteers to help from time to time. If interested, please send an e-mail to clothing.drive@phhsptsa.org.
  • The Scholarship Committee requires volunteers to read and rate essays over a few weeks each spring. Any adult PTSA member can serve on this committee, unless they have a child in the Senior class. It is a great way to get a feel for what should go in a college essay. If interested, e-mail Amy at scholarship@phhsptsa.org.
  • Hospitality involves coordinating refreshments for Senior Interview Day, and a few events in support of the school staff, including Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week. It involves more purchasing, pricing and arranging than it does preparing. Contact our chair, Mary Ellen, if you’d like to help at hospitality@phhsptsa.org .
  • The Golden Gators Committee assembles student recognition packets for honor roll students at the close of each quarter. If you would like to help, contact Beverly and Sherwin at golden.gators@phhsptsa.org.
  • Standby Volunteer: Not sure where you can help, but willing to be on “standby,” send a note to president@phhsptsa.org and we’ll touch base from time to time as needs arise.